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Garage Door won’t open or close with remote control

Your remote control has one job to do; open or close your garage door, whenever you need it done. Is that so much to ask? Not for most of the time, but once in a while that trusty remote just doesn’t seem to work. Have you noticed? It’s always at the wrong time! Maybe you are coming home during a rain storm and can’t wait to get inside where it’s dry and warm. Or, you might be trying to open your garage up to accept a furniture delivery. No matter what your reason, your garage door opener is expected to work on demand and with no issues. When it doesn’t it can throw your schedule (and your nerves) off! That’s why Kennesaw Garage Door Repair has put together this post. We are sure that you’ll find our opener remote tips helpful and easy to follow!

Your remote is NOT your opener!

You’d be surprised how many folks actually think that it is! Your remote control sends a signal to your opener system and tells it to open or close; that’s it. So if your opener stops working, you aren’t in for a complete opener replacement – you just need to make a few simple adjustments that are easy and not expensive.

Do this first

This one is a real “no-brainer” and the most logical choice for finding the cause of your non-working remote; the battery! Most people know this and will check the battery’s condition first. Use your home battery tester if you have one. If not, don’t stress, there’s an easy and free way to get it done. Simply take your remote battery to a nearby Kennesaw, GAWal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s or Best Buy and they will test it for you on the spot while you wait. There’s no charge and no obligation to buy anything; it’s just a courtesy.

Ok, next!

Your next step is to check your battery terminals. These are inside the remote and in older units, they sometimes become slightly loose. This is due to many battery replacements done over time. You can press them together a bit so that they hold the battery better and tighter. You are looking for good, solid contact with the battery so that it works like it should. While you are doing this, check your terminals for leaky battery fluid. Older batteries sometimes leak and the resulting fluid from this can easily affect your remote’s ability to work. Keep the terminals clean, pressed together and fluid-free.

Sticky remote buttons

Remotes get dirty too. Over time they can become caked with grime, food particles, mud and any number of items that can make them stick. They also are often dropped on the ground or fall hard on driveways so that they not only become dirty, they can get damaged, too. If your remote buttons are sticky, clean them as best as you can. If this doesn’t help, you may need to replace your worn out remote with a new one.

Don’t forget this!

The problem may not be your remote at all; it may be that a garage door lock is in place! Be careful; continued use of your opener can result in a burned out opener system. Sometimes, a roommate or family member locks the garage door using a simple slide lock. This is usually done when no one is expected home, or after hours. Always be sure to check for a garage door lock and save yourself from having to replace your entire opener motor!

Safety eyes

Often, the culprit is your garage door safety sensors. If these are out of alignment and their signals are not corresponding they won’t work and again, the problem is NOT your remote; it just seems like it is. While you are checking, look for loose, unplugged or frayed wires. Also check to see if anything is in the way and blocking the LED light’s signal. In our winter months sometimes spiders build webs and other insects build nests on or very near your photoelectric safety eyes. Make sure your lights work, are aligned and clean at all times. Next, check your brackets. These should be securely fastened and not loose. If they are, the beams will not align and you will experience garage door opening problems. For further details and advice on how to do any of the above, simply call Kennesaw Garage Door Repairor your favorite local, full service garage door repair shop and get some advice. Many garage door pros offer free consultations and almost all make house calls when you become a customer. Don’t forget online sources like YouTube, Vimeo and Google search. You can find helpful videos on literally any component of your home or business garage door, including remote care, service and replacement.

Another possible solution…

Be sure to check your wall station inside the garage. On some models, there is a lock button that allows you to lock your garage door when it is activated. The very purpose of this lock is to stop anyone from opening or closing your garage door with a remote. It is most often used when the occupants are leaving on vacation or for a trip and don’t want their garage door opened by ANY remote, theirs included. Many opener systems don’t have this locking feature so, if yours does not; don’t worry about it, as your remote problem is caused by something else.

Call a pro

If the above methods fail to produce a better working remote, it may be time to call in the pros. Most garage door repair experts will be able to pinpoint the problem and fix it right away. Don’t be afraid to rely on experienced and skilled garage door professionals. Many offer fast, same day service, affordable prices, 24-hour emergency help and fine quality garage door and opener brands that offer the very best in performance, convenience and reliability.